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We offer customised IT services based on in-depth understanding of our clients’ business requirements, leverage existing IT infrastructure and achieving maximum potential of their businesses.

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Our services are tailor-made, scalable and precisely tuned to meet our client’s needs. From preliminary consulting and advisory, to implementing and of course after sales support, we are prepared to face our unique challenges and opportunities.







  • Using shielded virtual machines to help protect high-value assets

    Your assets hold the lifeblood of your organization and data, and if anything ever happened to that data, you could be putting your business and customers at risk. With virtual machines, you have an automatic backup and an extra layer of defense against would-be attackers. It’s one way to shield your business from unseen enemies but implementing a virtual machine solution can be challenging. Get the help you need from the trusted professionals at Intrious Technology Sdn Bhd. We have years of experience helping business just like your safeguard data on the cloud. Contact us today to learn more.

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  • Extended Security Updates after end of support for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2

    With the end of support for SQL Server 2008 coming in January 2020, it’s a great time to start considering how you’re going to make the move to the latest version of SQL Server. Don’t let your IT infrastructure crumble at your feet. Be proactive and get the help and resources you need to make the transition today. At Intrious Technology Sdn Bhd, we make your transition our mission. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you plan, implement, and optimize your new solution.

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  • Crash Course in Office 365: How it Can Help You Grow Your Business

    How can @Office365 help you grow your business?

    Learn how to coauthor a document with anyone in real time and use the power of AI to create more impactful content with less effort. At Intrious Technology Sdn Bhd, we can help you increase productivity with #Office365.

    Contact us to learn how your team can increase their productivity and #GetModern today.

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  • Improve Productivity with Windows and Office

    Today, the average employee spends 50% more time collaborating. Yet many still don’t work to their full potential because of disorganized collaboration, file sharing and decision-making processes.

    Collaborate in real time and leverage the intelligence of the #cloud with the latest from #Windows 10 and #Office365. @Windows 10 and @Office365 help teams work better together with better tools–from any location.

    Contact our team at Intrious Technology Sdn Bhd to learn more about our Microsoft solutions.

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  • Businesses worldwide are looking for online productivity tools to help their organizations keep information flowing at the speed their industry requires. Mercedes-Benz USA is one such company. They use virtual training and webinars to help employees get the training they need quickly and enable customers to get the information they require before making a purchase decision.

    At Intrious Technology Sdn Bhd, we have the industry expertise to help your team adopt best-in-class sharing and collaboration tools. Contact us today to learn more.

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  • It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, there are some key benefits to the cloud. It can help you run a tighter ship, increase your flexibility, and organize operations so you can achieve more. It’s not easy for every business to undertake a massive change to their IT infrastructure. That’s why at Intrious Technology Sdn Bhd, we support the hybrid approach to transitioning to the cloud. With knowledgeable staff and years of experience helping businesses, our team is ready to support your next migration. Contact us today to learn more on how we can help your business achieve more with a modern IT infrastructure.

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  • Customer story: dv01

    In 2008, the world saw the fall of financial institutions. In a matter of days, what seemed to be the bedrock of Wall Street crumbled. Due to lack of transparency, investors didn’t really know what was in the securities they were buying. That’s why dv01 was created, to provide transparency to investors. But as they began to scale, they ran into issues. By switching to SQL Server, they were able to reduce latency and scale faster. Your business can achieve more by using these same tools. At Intrious Technology Sdn Bhd, we want to help you integrate them. Contact us today to learn more.

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  • Customer story: AIA Group

    As an insurance company, it’s important for AIA employees to operate as a team. For them, it’s the key to a successful business. That’s why AIA began investing in their IT systems to facilitate the thousands of employee and customer interactions that occur every day. To help, AIA incorporated Microsoft 365. With the added simplicity and easy sharing on the platform, they were able to upgrade to a modern desktop solution. We can help you do the same.

    At Intrious Technology Sdn Bhd, we have industry experts ready to help you find and implement the right productivity solutions for your business. Contact us to learn more.

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