• What is Cloud Migration and Why is it Important

    Your customers have more options than ever, and businesses of every type in every industry are responding.

    As more companies are migrating to the cloud and realizing benefits including mobility, flexibility, and security, you can’t afford to hold onto outdated practices. What are you doing to modernize your business, stand out, and get ahead?

    Intrious Technology Sdn Bhd can help you choose modern solutions to revolutionize your business and win customers. Check out this article to find out more advantages of choosing the cloud, then contact us to learn how we can help. #WhyCloud.

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  • The feds and the states are embracing privacy law – what that means to your business

    Targeted ads have become an integral part of the way consumers shop, and the way businesses advertise. As new consumer data privacy laws from both the states and the federal government are discussed, the future for this type of advertising seems uncertain.

    Luckily, there are ways for businesses to proactively comply with upcoming laws that also present new marketing opportunities. By taking steps to improve customer data security, and being transparent with customers about those steps, you can go a long way in building trust–a valuable form of marketing in itself.

    Contact us to learn more about how Microsoft 365 can adapt to your needs, no matter what changes are coming your way.

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  • At the Toronto Zoo, employees not only compile and analyze data about 450 animal species, but they must also share their findings with partners around the world.

    This is no small task, but using #Office365, employees have migrated from pen and paper charting and tracking to cloud-based collaboration. This move has made them more agile and revolutionized their work.

    What about you? Have you made the move? At Intrious Technology Sdn Bhd, we can help. Contact us to find out how. #WhyCloud

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  • Customer Story: Qantas Airways Limited

    A modern work environment is one that empowers employees at all levels to make good decisions by arming them with the information they need. Empowerment fosters creativity, which in turn leads to valuable innovations that improve customer experience.

    Qantas Airways uses the cloud to keep all of their employees updated with real-time information, no matter where they are. They trust Microsoft 365 to keep that data secure on whatever device the employee choses to use.

    Don’t let security concerns hold your employees back. We at Intrious Technology Sdn Bhd are excited to help your business unlock its full potential.

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  • Customer Story: SitePro – part 6

    As the saying goes, time is money.

    Watch SitePro help their clients save time by efficiently installing their IoT sensors at new job sites, and then providing up-to-the-minute data to their clients, so they can make business decisions more quickly and easily.

    What valuable time could the latest cloud technologies save you and your customers? At Intrious Technology Sdn Bhd, we are ready to help you find out. Contact us to learn more.

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